Sports betting simply explained


Sports betting

Surely every reader has heard of sports betting. However, the laymen can imagine quite little under it. What is behind a betting tip? What consequences can it have? Are there real chances of winning? How is a sports bet settled? All these points we want to answer in our sports betting explanation a little closer.

A battle between sports betting provider and customer

Sports bets are offered by bookmakers. Each betting tip here develops into a small battle between provider and customer. Ultimately, it’s about who can better estimate the corresponding sports event. For this purpose, the bookmaker provides odds on a certain game outcome, to which the sports bettor can react with his tip. The customers are generally in the defensive starting position. The rules of the sports bet and ultimately also the possible chances of winning are always specified by the bookmaker.

The bookmaker always has the advantage

The bookmaker always has the advantage

The bookmakers always have an advantage in this respect, because they are entitled to the betting odds sovereignty. The experts at the bookies estimate the game events precisely and calculate the odds based on the probability of occurrence of an outcome. These offers can be accepted by the customers or not.

It should be noted that the betting providers generally have an advantage. The mathematical profit margin is already included in the odds. The best providers on the scene currently work with an odds ratio of 93 to 96 percent. According to our experience, this plus point can only be ironed out by customers with expertise and finesse. A sensible sports betting strategy is of course also helpful.

The typical sports betting tip

Following we want to give an exact sports betting explanation on the basis of two examples. At the same time, we want to highlight the difference between a 2-way and a 3-way bet.

The 3-way bet

The 3-way offers are mainly known from soccer. But also ice hockey or handball can be bet in this form. Basically, it’s always about victory, draw or defeat. Let’s take the Bundesliga match between VfL Wolfsburg and FC Augsburg for an exact sports betting explanation. We assume three friends, who assess the game completely differently. Each fan taps with a stake of ten euros on a different game outcome. In our example, we assume that the Bundesliga match will end with a score of 2:1.

2-way bet

With the 2-way bets there is generally no draw. The betting offer can always be answered with victory or defeat. Alternatively, there are other betting versions in the frame area, which can be explained with over/under, even/odd or yes/no. The most popular among the bookmakers in the 2-way area are unquestionably the tennis bets.

Here, too, we want to take up an example from the portfolio of Bet365. Specifically, we have chosen the ITF match in Cairo between Hana Mortagy and Lisa Marie Maetschke. Here, too, we are assuming two sports bettors who are betting in opposite directions. We assume a victory of the favorite Hana Mortagy.

Sports betting explanation: The combination bet

Sports betting explanation

Very popular, especially among recreational players, are the combination bets. The positive fact here is that profits can be extremely increased due to the odds multiplication. The disadvantage, however, is that even one wrong bet selection leads to the loss of the entire stake. Below is a sports betting explanation for a combination tip for the Bundesliga with four games:

If the sports betting user wants to successfully bring his betting slip to the finish line, all four matches of the German top flight must actually end in a draw. If, for example, only FC Bayern München gets a three-goal win in Bremen, the entire ticket has lost.

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